How to Develop a Growth Mindset

What does “Growth Mindset” mean? The concepts of “fixed” and “growth” mindsets originated over 30 years ago in the work of Psychologist Carol Dweck.  If you’re interested in this topic, I highly recommend reading Dr. Dweck’s book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.  Simply, a growth mindset is one in which you believe your strengths … Continue reading How to Develop a Growth Mindset

Goal Setting: Attack the Gap

There’s weird advice out there I was listening to the radio the other day during my commute to work and, given that we had just celebrated New Year’s, the radio host was speaking about New Year’s resolutions.  He said that, for him, he doesn’t make specific resolutions because it’s too easy to fail and then … Continue reading Goal Setting: Attack the Gap

Be Your Own Kind of Badass

Is there really a right and wrong way? I have seen many of those articles in recent years with headlines like “The Top 10 College Degrees to Avoid” or “What Guys/Girls REALLY Find Attractive” or “Top 10 Most Miserable Vacation Destinations”, etc.  Aside from the instant bout of nausea that I experience after reading these … Continue reading Be Your Own Kind of Badass

Embrace Imperfection

Setting Realistic Expectations It may seem paradoxical at first that throughout our personal development journey we need to embrace our imperfection.  I don’t think this is paradoxical, though, because as humans, we are naturally imperfect creatures.  We will make mistakes, have screw ups, and (hopefully) make apologies as long as we live.  Personal development has … Continue reading Embrace Imperfection

Developing a Vision

Modeling vision In the previous post on developing a baseline, I introduced a change management model that I designed during my work consulting with a client organization.  Here is the model again for reference: You’ll notice that in this model, Phase I is where the vision for the future of the organization was created.  The … Continue reading Developing a Vision

Developing a Baseline

From Organization Development Practice Earlier this year I consulted on an organizational change project with a client organization that was interested in both strategic planning for future growth and shorter-term planning to improve performance against current organizational goals. This was a rather ambitious project and the results were truly inspiring! After speaking with senior leaders … Continue reading Developing a Baseline

Data-Driven Personal Growth

Shifting subject to object It’s ironic that in our modern world where data are hounding us from all sides, when it comes to our personal development, we typically do not make data-driven decisions.  Instead, we tend to make assumptions. We say “If I get this degree or car or enter this career field, then I’ll … Continue reading Data-Driven Personal Growth

Appreciative Personal Development

appreciative inquiry There is a system of techniques commonly applied in organization development work called Appreciative Inquiry, which was developed in the 1980s by management and development experts David Cooperrider and his mentor, Suresh Srivastva.  I have used Appreciative Inquiry extensively in my doctoral studies and in my organizational change projects.  Not only is it … Continue reading Appreciative Personal Development

Adapt to Adaptive Change

rooted in theory One of the most successful of modern leadership theories is the Theory of Adaptive Leadership, given to us by Ronald Heifetz initially in 1994 in his book Leadership Without Easy Answers. Since 1994, Heifetz published several articles and wrote a few more books, his work on Adaptive Leadership really culminating, in my … Continue reading Adapt to Adaptive Change

Growing the Roots of Change

It's your change I’ve used the word “change” very deliberately so far in this blog instead of words like “improvement,” and for good reason.  Change is part of nature and it simply is.  There’s no way around the fact that change will occur – whether we like it or not –  but we do have … Continue reading Growing the Roots of Change