What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that leads to an acceleration of forward momentum in your life. It is a way of overcoming obstacles that have held you back in the past in order to achieve your dreams. A good coach will not give you answers or even advice, but rather, help you to see that you already have everything you need to figure those things out and to be successful.

A coaching conversation is co-creative, meaning you bring the substance and the coach listens and asks questions to get your creative juices flowing and to help you see in different ways. Because this process is so effective, the coaching world has seen an explosion of growth in the last several years, with coaching being used in virtually all walks of life.  

Who is coaching for? 

Coaching is for people who are committed to get to the next level and fulfill their dreams. It’s for people who have a big dream but don’t know where to start; it’s for people who struggle to stay motivated for important things and would like some kind-natured accountability.

A coach is not a friend in the sense that a coach will not tell you what you want to hear to make you feel good. A coach will push you toward your goals and dreams in a motivating, inspiring way that fuels your desire to continue making progress.

Why Personal Agility coaching?

Personal Agility is the ability of an individual to quickly and efficiently adapt to a dynamic environment by making incremental changes, continually assessing the effectiveness of those changes, and modifying the approach as needed to achieve desired outcomes.

As a Personal Agility coach, I understand that we live a complex world and we have complex lives. Agile people are locked onto a vision or purpose. They are flexible in the face of uncertainty and resilient in the face of setbacks. They strive to be their best selves even in less than ideal circumstances.

Personal Agility coaching is especially powerful for people who have particularly complex or complicated lives. If you often have to operate with little time and within uncertain and ambiguous circumstances, and you want to make progress on big dreams and goals, Personal Agility was practically created for you.

Why Michael? 

I am a compassionate coach with a naturally optimistic disposition. I will not waste your time, though. My purpose for coaching is to help you reach your goals by activating the greatness inside of you. To accomplish this, I may hold the space for you to work through something emotionally difficult, or I may hold you accountable to yourself by reminding you of your progress goals. I will help you move forward; whatever that means for you and your situation, I will meet you there.

My background is unique in the coaching world and quite diverse. I am a US Air Force veteran, have worked in civil service as a manager, and have also worked extensively in advanced analytics and aerospace engineering. I have many years of experience in training and development, as well as organizational development. As a PhD candidate studying Leadership and Change, my primary research interest is identifying the psychological underpinnings that make Personal Agility work so well. I am a husband and daddy of two and have used Personal Agility to successfully navigate all of the complexity in my own life.

What’s the next step? 

Our initial consultation, what I call a discovery call, is free and it will not feel like a sales pitch. A discovery call will give us a chance to get to know each other and to explore how we may be able to work together. We’ll both have a good sense by the end of the call if we should proceed.

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