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Object-like Emotions

Thinking on Emotion Let me start by asking you a simple question: Are you your emotions? This seems like kind of a silly question, but when you consider what you actually are, what exactly is it that comes to mind? I derive this line of questioning from a technique of self-discovery called the Neti Neti … Continue reading Object-like Emotions

A Messenger Called Fear

Survival Instinct Much has been written in both academic and popular sources about fear and its origins.  Through millions of years of evolution during times that were very much more dangerous than our modern world, we developed a strong sense of fear that kept us safe from all manner of potential harms. Consider the classic … Continue reading A Messenger Called Fear

Manufacturing Gratitude

The welcome stillness I’m sitting in my nice warm house which is now quiet after a long day of all sorts of activities. The kids are asleep and just as their crying had raised my blood pressure only a few hours earlier, the present stillness makes me miss them.  I am grateful for them. I … Continue reading Manufacturing Gratitude

The Agile Change Agent.

Flexibility and identity As a continuation of the previous post about making time to be more strategic, I’d like to focus the idea of flexibility.  This was also introduced in the post about building Personal Agility. I really like the concept of personal agility; it’s a natural interest area for me because I’ve worked extensively … Continue reading The Agile Change Agent.

Step Back. Set Intention. Step Up.

Tyrannical Lives I read a book a couple of years ago called Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles E. Hummel in which Hummel describes that in business, there’s a constant tension for a leader between tasks that seemingly require immediate attention and more strategic tasks.  The tension arises because the leader knows they need to … Continue reading Step Back. Set Intention. Step Up.

Know Your Opportunity Costs

Immunity to Change A couple years ago, I attended a 4-day seminar in Seattle about Robert Kegan’s and Lisa Lahey’s Immunity to Change model, which has been researched and validated extensively for personal and organizational development.  What the Immunity to Change model does better than any change management process that I’m aware of is that … Continue reading Know Your Opportunity Costs

Broader Perspective. Bolder Life.

Broader in a moment. I was traveling westward across Denver, my daily afternoon commute.  It was bumper to bumper traffic just like any other day.  A man in the pick-up truck next to me had just flicked a cigarette out of his vehicle and onto the ground. The cigarette landed close enough to my car … Continue reading Broader Perspective. Bolder Life.

Self-Compassion. It’s Not Narcissism.

Discussions about compassion When the topic of compassion comes up, we’re usually talking about having compassion for others. We remind ourselves that everyone is on their own path, fighting their own battles, and we can never know for sure what someone else may be going through.  These are really great reminders; surely if everyone were … Continue reading Self-Compassion. It’s Not Narcissism.

How To Build Personal Agility

Defining personal agility When I sat down to do some research on the topic of personal agility, I quickly discovered that there’s little consensus on what it actually is.  Some authors identity strongly with the root “agile,” and look for lessons within the Agile software development realm, which is fun (especially because I’m a software … Continue reading How To Build Personal Agility