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Appreciative Personal Development

appreciative inquiry There is a system of techniques commonly applied in organization development work called Appreciative Inquiry, which was developed in the 1980s by management and development experts David Cooperrider and his mentor, Suresh Srivastva.  I have used Appreciative Inquiry extensively in my doctoral studies and in my organizational change projects.  Not only is it … Continue reading Appreciative Personal Development

Adapt to Adaptive Change

rooted in theory One of the most successful of modern leadership theories is the Theory of Adaptive Leadership, given to us by Ronald Heifetz initially in 1994 in his book Leadership Without Easy Answers. Since 1994, Heifetz published several articles and wrote a few more books, his work on Adaptive Leadership really culminating, in my … Continue reading Adapt to Adaptive Change

Growing the Roots of Change

It's your change I’ve used the word “change” very deliberately so far in this blog instead of words like “improvement,” and for good reason.  Change is part of nature and it simply is.  There’s no way around the fact that change will occur – whether we like it or not –  but we do have … Continue reading Growing the Roots of Change

Paradox in Change and Creating Space

Paradoxical theory of change I have seen a great deal of discussion, in both academic and popular sources, about the paradoxical nature of change.  The credit for starting this discussion goes to California physician Arnold Beisser in his Paradoxical Theory of Change in 1970.  Essentially, Dr. Beisser suggested that people change by becoming who they … Continue reading Paradox in Change and Creating Space