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It is blog-writing day! I have just now sat down and am ready to complete this last to-do list item for the day. Let me tell you how this day began. My son, Sebastian, who is almost 2 years old, decided he was going to wake up early today, very early. We are a house full of early risers anyway, but this morning Sebastian was up at 4 o’clock. I hadn’t slept the greatest to begin with and then was out of bed much earlier than a normal day.

So at 4 am, I got my boy from his bed and starting making coffee. As soon as I had a drink, my little dude informed me that he wanted some water, so I strapped him into his booster seat and got him a sippy cup with water. Only, there was a large glass within his reach at the kitchen counter and the first thing he did was pick it up and chuck it! The glass exploded into literally thousands of tiny glass particles as it landed on the kitchen floor. So there I was, still very tired from getting very little sleep and instead of peacefully enjoying my morning coffee, I had to meticulously clean up broken glass to ensure the kitchen floor would be safe for little feet to walk on (and big feet, for that matter).

That was a rough start to the day, and truthfully, I have been off my game all day due to being very tired. Despite this, I managed to get almost all of my goals for the day done; as I’m recounting the day’s events now, I am actually quite pleased with the way the day turned out.

And I suppose this is the primary motivation for today’s blog post. It’s not that I am exhausted and still managed to get stuff done. It’s that, it’s been a rough day, and while I did get stuff done, I did NOT get everything done that I wanted to get done.

This is bound to happen to all of us, even those of us who are exceptionally goal-driven and accustomed to managing time around personal goals. So how do we react when we don’t get to cross off everything on the list of action items?

For me, it all starts with self-compassion. I still want to get those other things done and I’m not making excuses, but I also realize that my list of four big things for the day was written assuming that the day would be a normal one, and it was NOT a normal day from the very moment it started.

I also recognize that the day’s events made it so that I HAD to get some things done (read: wake up super early and clean up broken glass) that I had not planned for. Although these weren’t the bigger, more strategic goals that I had planned for the day, I still accomplished them. The walk-ability of the kitchen floor was restored and my kids were safe in there shortly after. Maybe just for the satisfaction, I should write those things down so I can cross them off the day’s list!

I also know that, just as today was unusual in a negative way, some days are unusual in a positive way – when I have tons of energy and enthusiasm to really got a lot done!

So, what I’m really saying here is: we can’t expect to be at 100% all the time and we can’t expect to hit home runs every day. When days like this happen, we can still celebrate the progress, keep our spirits high, and make some adjustments in the days to come to make up any lost ground.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be one of those ultra-productive days and I’ll get it all right back on track!

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