Don’t Stop with a Vision

When I was a kid people would ask me all the time, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

For most of my childhood I was convinced I would be a veterinarian. I mean come on, that means I get to snuggle puppies and kittens all day, right? I had no concept of what the job actually entailed. I had no idea that amount of debt I would have to take on in student loans to achieve that dream.

At some point, the dream changed. I don’t tend to the needs of animals. Instead, I’ve become captivated by how people think, what makes one person different from another, and how people can achieve their life goals.

A common exercise in the personal development world is to create a vision board. I’m a huge fan of them myself, and if you haven’t created one, you should! Creating a visual representation of your dream life is helpful in many ways. It gets you thinking about what you want, gets you focused, and through the Law of Attraction can help you find the right resources.

To create a vision board:

You can go “old school,” cut out images from magazines that represent your goals, and glue them onto a poster board.


You can create a picture collage with images you find on the internet, and use a website like to make a digital collage. Then you can save it as your desktop or screen lock.

Most of the time the images you select will represent long-term goals. Most likely they are material objects you want in your life, vacations you want to take, a family you want to create, things like that.

I highly recommend spending time creating that vision for your life. Then, take it a step further. You now have an idea of WHAT you want…

So the real question is, WHO do you want to be?

What you want to be, or do, may take many years to achieve. It’s incredibly easy to get distracted along the way, or let self doubt take over. Progress may be slow, or stand still all together.

The only way to eventually reach that destination is to be true to yourself along the way. Every single day you get to choose who you want to be.

Are you kind?

Are you a good friend?

Do you make people laugh?

Do you stand up for what you think is right?

Are you a good listener?

Do you love quiet time alone?

Here’s the tricky part: WHO you are is likely to change over time. As you experience different phases of life, as you have more interactions with other people, as you live in different places and work different jobs, the person you are inside will change.

You get to decide which direction you want to change though. You can’t always control everything around you, but you CAN determine what you will do in response.

With a little soul searching, and a little time quieting the voices around you so that you can determine YOUR DREAM, you CAN live it!

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