We, the Gifted.

There’s no denying it at this point; our world is a crazy one. And in a world that is this crazy, we can’t expect to be our best in all moments or to always be strong. We are not perfect and we can’t expect ourselves to be good at everything, either.

I have heard many change experts talk about how we should play to our strengths in order to create personal success and satisfaction; this is perhaps an unconventional way of thinking about self-improvement or personal development and I believe it to be more effective than for us to put the brunt of our focus on improving our weaknesses.

But different than that, I see that for those of us who are passionate about bringing about change in the world in addition to our own lives, we have a responsibility to play to our strengths.

When I was a boy, I wrote short stories and people always told me that I was good at writing. Now, I have done much over the years I’ve spent in school to develop my writing ability, but at first, my ability to write seemed to come out of nowhere. It was and is truly a gift and I know that whatever activities I may become involved in to make this crazy world a better one, writing will be a part of it for me.

Some of us speak well. Some of us write well. Some of us paint well. Our world is filled with a grand diversity of people and gifts and we each have a responsibility to use our gifts to seek the betterment of our world.

This is particularly important right now, I think, because so many people are feeling, some for the first time in their lives, that they want to do more, to be part of the solution. I think this is truly wonderful that so many people are feeling this call and this sense of responsibility.

I encourage each of you who may be feeling this way to consider your gifts and consider that your gifts are yours for a purpose. I cannot tell you what your purpose is, but you can certainly find it by doing some real searching. If you already know your purpose, then I encourage you to apply your gifts even more strongly, even more passionately toward that purpose.

Now is your time to be wonderfully, uniquely yourself and express your greatness powerfully through your gifts. Now is your time to be gifted.

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