How It Feels to be Needed

My kids’ day care has been closed for a couple of weeks due to three staff members testing positive for the coronavirus. The day care has been very responsible and transparent and naturally we really appreciate that.

The four of us in our house are safe, but honestly, it’s been a real challenge for my wife and I these past few days with the kids at home while still trying to be productive.  

Yesterday, I was mildly annoyed as I picked up the same toy from the living room floor probably six or seven times (I am NOT exaggerating). I thought to myself “this place would fall apart if it weren’t for me.” And just as I was noticing the rising negativity and telling myself to take a breath and return to center, something else dawned on me.

This place really would fall apart without me. I am needed here. The energy I am putting forth to make this house a home is incredibly important. I mean, I hadn’t been thinking about running away or anything, but somehow calling out the value of my service to my family gave me a boost of enthusiasm to continue.

The same is true for my wife, of course; both of us have our hands more than full and our continued effort is the only thing holding it all together.

If you find yourself in a similar position, consider with as much honesty as you can just how important you are to your situation. What would it be like if you weren’t trying so hard?

You may realize, as I did, that you HAVE to keep pushing through because the alternative would be very, very messy (literally, in my case).

It’s a totally different paradigm to consider. Instead of being annoyed, I instantly became empowered and enthused to continue.

May you remember your value and continue in your best light.

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