Sustained Enthusiasm

What Will It Take?

In order to realize your dreams or to be successful with a particular project, what do you think is the most important factor? Do you need to be really smart? How about remarkably well-spoken? Naturally talented? While it sure would be great to be smart, well-spoken, and talented, these things are not the most important factor that will allow you to reach the summit of your own mountain.

The most important factor is the ability to sustain enthusiasm in a particular direction over a long period of time. This seems simple, but there’s a lot going on here, so let’s unpack it a bit.

Sustain enthusiasm

Sustaining enthusiasm has more to do with being resilient than being successful with given tasks. Bumps in the road will come and mistakes will happen, but when we are deeply connected to a vision, we can rise above any obstacles and keep the fire alive for our next wave of attack.

Particular direction

And when we are connected to a vision, we will be able to apply our energy in a particular direction instead of being sort of all over the place. I’ve known people like that before; they seem generally motivated but not for a particular cause or with a definite goal in mind.  While the energy they exude can be strong, it is often wasted being scattered on a bunch of different activities instead of being focused. You want to focus your energy.

Over a long period of time

In order to be successful, especially with a longer-term objective, you can’t just buckle down for a couple days and then let off the gas. There needs to be a consistency to the pressure you apply toward your goals that is constantly striving to be better than the day before or to be constantly moving forward.

How to Get There

Being connected to a vision is an excellent start, but that alone may not lead to long-term enthusiasm. I recommend creating goals to help you realize your vision and then break those goals down even further into smaller goals, almost like stepping stones, that will lead you to a desired outcome.

Doing this ensures that your energy is focused in a real, tangible, day-to-day sense, to your vision and it also gives you a series of targets that are relatively easy to achieve in and of themselves. That way, you’ll have many reasons to celebrate victory and to recognize progress. We should always celebrate the small victories. The process of change is such an emotional event; it pays to foster the internal conditions for the generation of positive emotions.

So to sum this up: The most important factor leading to success is the ability to sustain enthusiasm in a particular direction over time.  To accomplish this, you first need to develop a vision that you are deeply connected with, create big picture goals, then a series of smaller goals or action steps that you can relatively quickly and easily achieve, and remember to celebrate each and every victory on your journey!

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